The social consequences often caused by snoring many times becomes more complex if observed to coexist with bouts of sleep apnea. It is very important that rigorous inspection is carried out with an endoscope and special tests to establish the cause of the snoring before any therapy is begun. In our private office, we can perform these tests, which will determine the precise plan to take to treat the snoring, as well as outline a plan for possible surgical procedure.

The reliability of radiofrequencies in surgical procedures for treating snoring has brought about great improvements. Using this method, in the nose we treat the often coexisting chronic rhinitis, and in the mouth we reduce, widen and at the same time «harden» the part of the mouth (the soft palate) that vibrates with snoring. This does not usually require general anaesthesia and the post surgical pain, which accompanies this type of surgery, has been greatly reduced. The procedure does not require hospitalization.

ven if the snoring does not disappear altogether, it is greatly reduced and stops being a source of problems for the patient. Most important though, is that in a great number of cases of sleep apnea, in combination with the general observation and guidance from our private office, our patient is freed from the need to use a C-Pap device (a device used during sleep to avoid apnea).

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