Skull base surgery

Skull base surgery

Surgery on the base of the scull is performed when there is disease present in the sensitive area that separates the roof of the nose and the sinuses from the brain. It is usually only accessed by endoscopy and micro-camera. It is another field of our highly specialized surgical expertise, but also another area of collaboration if deemed necessary: with neurological surgeons, plastic surgeons, oncologists and/or radiotherapists. Adenomas or other tumors of the pituitary gland, benign tumors (such as acoustic neuroma, chordoma, rhinoinomas) and under certain circumstances malignant tumors of the scull base: rhinorrhoea, encephaloceles and injury are treated with success. Minor surgery is without incision, and therefore scars, when feasible, and post-surgical discomfort for the patient is minimal.

For this purpose (even since 1994) we have created “the Surgical team for the scull base” in Hygeia Hospital (Υγεία) in collaboration with the resident neurosurgeons and plastic surgeon. For these operations, the use of an intraoperative navigation instrument (Navigator) is usually required to ensure accurate orientation in the anatomical labyrinth of the nasal and paranasal region and scull base, in addition to ensuring the damage is removed with maximum precision.

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