Difficulty breathing through the nose is a very common symptom which causes irritability, low spirits, inadequate rest from sleep and perhaps snoring. It even makes athletic activities difficult. It also burdens functioning of the lungs and aggravates any incidental illness.

The main cause of the problem is the combination of a curvature of the nasal septum (deviated septum) and chronic rhinitis (see chronic rhinitis in FAQ); in other words, a severe “swelling” of the nasal conchae, which are mucosal formations in the nose.

In the case that therapy with nasal spray, ointment etc. for chronic rhinitis does not produce the expected results, then surgical intervention is imperative. The nasal septum is straightened and at the same time, usually with the help of radiofrequencies, or with conchoplasty, the mass under the nasal conchae is reduced. Hospitalization is just one night. A soft substance is used as packing and this is removed after one or two days, without pain. To make breathing easier while the packing is in place, a small tube inside the packing allows breathing from the nose from the very start. Today there is an allternative. We don’t use at all packing in to the nose, after septoplasty.

Despite contrary belief, the procedure is not painful; removal of the packing is painless; the nose does not swell externally; nor does it produce hematomas on the face.

There is dramatic restoration of normal breathing after a short period of recovery with the use of a natural saline solution and ointments to clean out the nose until it is completely healed.

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